Category: Biofuel

  • Biofuels and aviation

    Using sustainable biofuels represents one of the most effective ways to reduce CO2 emissions in aviation. If the aviation sector switches to sustainable biofuels on a large scale, CO2 emissions can decrease by as much as 80%. Biofuel is therefore much more sustainable than fossil fuel, which is the current standard within the aviation sector. […]

  • Biofuel: part 2

    Second and third generation of biofuels as sustainable energy sources 2nd generation of biofuels When people talk about the second generation of biofuels they usually refer to biofuels produced from food-unrelated materials. Plants grown specifically for this purpose make up the basis for this type of fuel. Inedible parts of certain food crops can also […]

  • Biofuel: part 1

    Biofuel as a sustainable energy source If you burn a piece of wood in your fireplace – a certain amount of CO2 comes out of the chimney. However, the tree that you are burning was growing in a forest and was taking CO2 out of the air not so long ago. The CO2 from the […]

  • Sustainable energy and alternative energy sources

    Currently fossil fuels satisfy the majority of mankind’s energy needs. The current fossil energy sources are, however, running out. Moreover, the way people use these fossil fuels to produce energy has a bad influence on the environment. The fossil fuels acting as the main sources of energy for our society are rapidly disappearing. The shortage […]