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The Biofuel Cities European Partnership offers a forum for developments on biofuel operations at the local level. Stakeholders participating in the Partnership will benefit from:

  • up-to-date information on and easy access to biofuel projects and actors in the EU;
  • access to tested know-how and good practice;
  • tools for finding funding, investment and project partners;
  • links to market information, e.g. fuel prices, feedstock, vehicles;
  • exchanges of experience with peers as well as with other stakeholders;
  • a chance to influence policies and criteria, especially at the EU level


  • have full access to;
  • have privileged access to further services and products, such as workshops, study tours, and publications, with regular notification sent out to participants

Participation is free of charge and does not lead to any obligation

I hereby register as a participant in the Biofuel Cities European Partnership. I agree that the contact details below marked with º can be disclosed, exclusively and solely for the purpose of networking, to the other Biofuel Cities European Partnership participants.

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