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Biofuel Cities European Partnership hosts session at the World Biofuels Markets Conference (March 2009)

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Former Dutch Prime Minister supports handbook for local implementation of cleaner fuel policies in Europe (February 2009)

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Biofuel Cities European Partnership – Looking forward to 2009 (December 2008)

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Last chance for biofuel end-users to make voice heard (August 2008)

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Over 1,000 participants in Biofuel Cities European Partnership, as the stakeholder platform celebrates its first birthday (July 2008)

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How sustainable are biofuels? Dutch Minister suggests criteria needed to avoid negative effects (April 2008)

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Biofuel end-users in Central & Eastern Europe discuss challenges (December 2007)

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Biofuel Cities European Partnership officially launched (November 2007)

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Pure vegetable oil as an engine fuel – The Biofuel Cities European Partnership helps meet the challenge (August 2007)

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