Policy measures for local implementation of clean fuel policies

The Biofuel Cities project has collected a large number of policy measures through a series of interviews and surveys, which you can search in our database.


Policy measures have been grouped together in three "Main fields":

  • Fuels
  • Infrastructure
  • Vehicles

Policy measures are always aimed at overcoming barriers. Barriers exist however in different domains. This implicates that also the policy measures target specific "Domains".
These domains can be found in each of the three main fields:

  • the economic domain
  • the technological domain
  • the domain of institutionalisation and legislation

Last but not least, policy measures exist on different "Levels":

  • the EU level
  • the Trans-national level (T-N)
  • the national level
  • the local/regional level

The collected policy measures (PM's) can be found in this database and different selections can be made based on the categories above. Some PM's were preferred to others during the workshops we organised, and these can be selected by asking for the "TOP policies". All PM's have a unique number for identification. Sometimes the policy measures have a number that's composed of a figure plus a letter, to show that that the measure is in fact part of a broader policy measure.

Main learning from the policy measures research was that a successful local implementation of clean fuels policies is always based on a well integrated approach that addresses all fields and all domains. Ideally it addresses all levels as well, but usually the local/regional and the national level are most appropriate and feasible.

A table of abbreviations can be found here.

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