Read about Biofuel Cities workshops that took place across Europe, dealing with important topics affecting the development of biofuels for transport.

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Past Workshops


Past workshops

19 March

Standardisation of biofuels - Brussels, Belgium

Experts on biofuel standardisation and members of the fuel production, distribution and vehicle industry participated to this one-day workshop, which aimed to propose technical agreements that can be inputted into standards and initiate a workshop agreement for further processing.

Organised by NEN, the Netherlands Standardisation Institute, this workshop was also supported by VITO, Belgium.

Download the programme of the workshop here [PDF 126 KB].

 To download the presentations from the workshop, visit the Resource Centre.

19 - 20 February 2009

Discussing the draft handbook with guidelines for best practice in implementing Clean fuel (biofuel) policies - Rotterdam, Netherlands

Following up an earlier end-user workshop in Sofia, in December 2007,  a selection of European clean fuel (biofuel) local authorities, industrial and commercial end-users, and public transport organizations were invited to this workshop in order to discuss the near final handbook with guidelines for best practice in implementing biofuel policies. The handbook includes a foreword by Mr Ruud Lubbers, former Prime Minister of The Netherlands.

Participants had the exclusive opportunity to determine together with the Biofuel Cities the content of the handbook for the implementation of clean fuel (biofuel) policies

For more information, download the leaflet and the programme of the workshop.

To view the workshop report, click here. [pdf 492kb]

7 November 2008

Biofuel Cities Workshop: current developments in the EU biofuel policy, Cracow, Poland

The aim of this one-day workshop was to inform local biofuel stakeholders from CEEC countries about the current developments concerning the EU policy on biofuel and sustainability.

The focus was on the practical implementation. For example: how to prove compliance with the proposed sustainability requirements? Or: what is the impact of these requirements on the biofuel market?

The programme was a combination of presentations and discussion.

To view the presentations of the workshops, visit the Resource Centre.

16 October 2008

Final Biofuel Cities End-user Workshop in Warsaw shows opportunities for roll-out in CEE countries, Warsaw, Poland

35 participants from 9 countries gathered in Warsaw to identify and discuss issues they found relevant. There was a strong focus on sustainability - one of the key topics identified over the course of the Biofuel Cities project.

This 4th and final Biofuel Cities End-user workshop in particular addressed representatives from Central and Eastern Europe. With a strong focus on climate protection, the workshop took place in the framework of the Partnership for Climate Initiative, where the City of Warsaw is a member ( The Infrastructure Department of the City of Warsaw kindly hosted the workshop.

People new to biofuels as well as biofuel experts - from organisations, research institutes and cities - representing end-users and organisation interested in end-user perspectives, joined the discussions. They heard more about technical issues, as well as local and national framework conditions, economic developments and ideas for regional start-ups of biofuels in transport. The focus was on end-user views on challenges and opportunities. Here cities like Warsaw (Poland), Tartu (Estonia), Rotterdam and Tilburg (The Netherlands) explored their needs and approaches.

The key issue on sustainability and biofuels were discussed. The focus was on topics such as climate change mitigation (in particular waste-to-energy solutions), land use change and biodiversity, as well as food security. The new Guide on Sustainable Biofuel Procurement in the field of transport was presented. This will soon be released on the European Biofuel Cities Platform.

A few European good practice examples were introduced. Among them, biofuels role-out in Sweden; the BEST Project in Rotterdam; biofuels on the aviation market and the SU:GRE Project.

This workshop was linked to the Conference CEE Biofuels 2008 - Creating a more sustainable future, which took place in Warsaw on 17 October 2008.

To view the programme, click here.

To view the presentations of the workshops, visit the Resource Centre.

The outcomes of this final workshop will be captured in a workshop report, which will be released later on this year.

 24 June 2008

3rd Biofuel Cities Workshop on the Role of End-users, Zaragoza, Spain

The ICLEI European Membership Convention in Zaragoza, Spain, set the scene for the 3rd Biofuel Cities Workshop on the role of biofuel end-users. Having already discussed the challenges and opportunities faced by end-users at previous workshops in Sofia and Stockholm, the issue on the table for discussion in Spain was sustainable biofuel procurement in the field of transport.

To view the presentations of the workshop, visit the Resource Centre.

To read the study report. click here. [pdf 727kb]

3 - 4 December 2007

2nd Biofuel Cities Workshop on the Role of Biofuel End-users -  Sofia, Bulgaria

35 participants from 13 European countries attended the 2nd Biofuel Cities end-user workshop at Sofia City Hall. The workshop, organised by ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability and Sofia, identified good examples, barriers and challenges that end-users in Southern, Central and Eastern Europe face or will potentially need to consider.

The main outcome of these discussions was the development of a list of considerations for the broascale introduction of biofuels for transport in the region. 

To access the workshop report, and to view the presentations and pictures of the workshop, visit the Resource Centre.

4 December 2007

1st Workshop about the local implementation of clean fuels & biofuels policy measures - Sofia, Bulgaria

In conjunction with the 2nd Biofuel Cities Workshop on the Role of Biofuel end-users, the 1st Workshop about the local implementation of clean fuels & biofuels took place.

This workshop, organised by SenterNovem, focused on policy measures for implementing clean fuel policies.

To access the participants list and the workshop report containing the proceedings and results, visit the Resource Centre.

15 November 2007

Guidance for successful biofuel application at the local level - Arnhem, the Netherlands

As part of the Connecting Clean Mobility Conference, the Biofuel Cities hosted a workshop concerning the development of guidance for choosing suitable options for successful biofuel applications at the local level.

To access the workshop report, visit the Resource Centre.

22 May 2007

Workshop 1 for biofuel end-users  -Stockholm, Sweden

This document provides a summary of the results from the first workshop for biofuel end-users that took place in Stockholm on 22 May 2007 within the framework of the Biofuel Cities project.
The aim of the event was to discuss - with a diverse group of end-users - their needs, wishes and perceptions of biofuels, as well as the barriers and challenges they face or potentially need to deal with, and where opportunities have arisen. Considering the potential complexity of the above, it was decided to organise the 1st workshop with a city that has extensive experience with biofuels - in this case, Stockholm.

The results will contribute towards the development of the European Biofuels Platform, and address the support that can be considered for end-users in particular.

To read the full Workshop report, visit the Resource Centre.

4 May 2007

Biofuel Projects Assessment Framework -Brussels, Belgium

To view the workshop introduction, discussion paper and project evaluations, and to read the Workshop Report, visit the Resource Centre.