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Past Study Tours

Past Study Tours

23 - 24 April 2008

Final Biofuel Cities End-user Study Tour in Tübingen and neighbouring communities shows interesting regional cyclic approach of biodiesel production and use

12 participants from 8 European countries gathered in Tübingen for the final End-user Study Tour to explore the regional production and use of biodiesel in the State of Baden-Württemberg (South-West Germany).

The City of Tübingen, represented by Mr. Helmut Bürger from the Municipal Waste Management Company, warmly welcomed the group in the City Hall, and introduced some interesting city facts to the study tour participants.

To To read the study report, click here. [pdf 1.22mb]

To access the programme, click here. [89 KB].

To view the presentations of the tour, visit the Resource Centre.

24 - 25 January 2008

2nd Study Tour: 100% Biodiesel in all buses of the Graz public transport fleet

15 study tour participants from 11 European countries made the leap "from the frying pan into the tank" at the 2nd Biofuel Cities study tour for end users in Graz (Austria) at the end of January.

Chosen for its innovative biofuel end-use solutions, the city certainly did not disappoint and provided the visitors with a great learning opportunity.

To access the programme, click here [PDF 76 kb].

To view the presentations and the pictures of the tour, and to read the study tour report, visit the Resource Centre.

21 May 2007

1st Study Tour for biofuel end-users in Stockholm

A diverse group of biofuel end-users, drawn from local governments, as well as industrial and commercial fleet owners, joined the first Biofuel Cities study tour specifically organised for them in Stockholm, Sweden, on 21 May 2007.

To access this study tour report, visit the Resource Centre.