The Biofuel Cities Partnership provided facilities and tools for participants and interested parties to interact and exchange experiences on the topic of biofuels for transport. Here you can find information on our workshops, study tours, and you can learn more about Biofuels Cities participants, twinning co-operation activities and policy measures for local implementation of clean fuel policies.

Navigate through the features listed below and discover more about the Biofuel Cities Partnership. Full access to the tools is exclusive to participants of the Biofuel Cities Partnership. 



Learn about Biofuel Cities workshops that took place across Europe, dealing with important topics affecting the development of biofuels for transport.

Study Tours

Read about study tours and learn from actual experiences on biofuels! Here, you can read about past study tours and you can access the documentation.

Networking Corner

Discover other organisations working on biofuels! Here registered participants can learn more about their activities, projects and how to contact them. Also, if you wish to give more exposure to your organisation through the Biofuel Cities Partnership, this section is for you!


In this section, you can find out more about twinning co-operation which the Biofuel Cities Partnership facilitated to engage cities in exchange on the topic of biofuels for transportation.

Policy Measures

Do you wish to implement clean fuel policies at a local level? Here you can research among a large number of policy measures collected in our database over the course of the project.