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On-line monitoring tool for biofuel projects

Welcome to the on-line monitoring tool for biofuel projects !

This tool offers you the possibility to assess different indicators of the different parts of the biofuel WTW-chain:

For each element the following indicator categories are identified:

  • technology performance and energy use
  • environmental performance
  • economic performance
  • safety and regulations
  • socio-economic results

This tool will help you

  • as project owner to monitor your project over time and assess its performance in relation to other similar projects and literature, and this every component of the WTW chain, this is all achieved in a uniform format.
  • as general user to collect comprehensive information on the (energetic, environmental, economic, ...) performance of specific biofuels and each of their components in the WTW chain.

An example of the possible results rolling out of this tool is shown in the figure below.


A complete guideline of how to use the tool can be downloaded here as PDF file.


If it is not possible to use the tool on-line, we offer you following file that can be used for collecting data off-line and input it later in the on-line tool. All indicators are the same as in the on-line tool.
Offline Monitoring Tool - [xls-4.6 MB]


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