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1. Latest Biofuels News

- Optimistic predictions for global biofuels market reaching €178 billion by 2020

- Neste takes steps towards use of sustainable palm oil

- Rotterdam residents receive discounts on biofuelled cars

- European body sees algae fuel industry in 10-15 years

- New report casts doubts over jatropha benefits

- Biofuel from grass - a growing opportunity

- Municipal waste to biofuels plant to start production in Canada

2. New Publications and Resources

3. Event Highlights

4. Editorial and Legal Information

1. Latest Biofuel News

Optimistic predictions for global biofuels market reaching EUR 178 billion by 2020

Despite current challenges, the findings of a new report predict that the combined biodiesel and ethanol markets will reach $247 billion (EUR 178 billion) in sales by 2020, up from just $76 billion in 2010.

The authors of the report, Pike Research (a U.S based market research company), anticipate that the global surge in sales will principally come from fuels based on waste greases, jatropha-based fuels (by 2014) and finally algae-based biodiesel (by 2016). >> more

16.06.09   Neste takes steps towards use of sustainable palm oil

Major Finnish oil refining company, Neste, recently announced a commitment to using only certified palm oil for the production of biofuel, "as and when sufficient volumes become available". The company has come under increasing scrutiny over its use of palm oil as a feedstock for its NExBTL renewable diesel. The recent announcement (from 4 June) is seen as an attempt to minimise this criticism. >> more

15.06.09   Rotterdam residents receive discounts on biofuelled cars

Residents of the City of Rotterdam (the Netherlands) who purchase cars running on biofuel are now eligible for a discount amounting to thousands of Euros. The discounts are part of a scheme under the new Rotterdam Climate Initiative (RCI). The RCI is a collaborative agreement between the local authority and the Rotterdam business community. The scheme also covers other environmentally-friendly vehicles, not only those running on biofuels.
>> more

09.06.09   European body sees algae fuel industry in 10-15 years

The European Algae Biomass Association (EABA) has claimed that the likelihood of the commercial production of biofuel made from algae becoming reality may still be over a decade away. Such fuels are considered to be net carbon neutral because the algae absorbs greenhouse gases when they grow. >> more

08.06.09   New report casts doubts over jatropha benefits

Biofuels produced from jatropha may be competing with food production for land and water, according to a new report published by Friends of the Earth. The report investigates claims made by UK biofuels company D1 Oils about jatropha - promoting jatropha as a wonder crop because of its ability to grow on poor quality land. >> more

03.06.09   Biofuel from grass - a growing opportunity

Welsh scientists are reported to be working on a highly innovative research project to turn grass into a green transport fuel. The 1 million GBP 'Grassohol' research project aims to develop commercially and economically viable processes to make ethanol from perennial rye grass - the most commonly sown grass in the UK, which is normally used for grazing or silage. >> more

29.05.09   Municipal waste to biofuels plant to start production in Canada

Enerkem, a waste-to-biofuels technology company, recently announced it has been granted a permit to commence the construction of a commercial facility to produce biofuels and green chemicals from sorted municipal solid waste in Edmonton (Canada).

"This unprecedented project is set to change the dynamics of the waste and fuel industries by making waste - that would otherwise be landfilled - a resource for transportation fuels," said Vincent Chornet, President and Chief Executive Officer of Enerkem. "The City of Edmonton is a leader in waste management and is now pioneering this solution which is to become a model for cities around the globe".

Download press release [pdf file]

2. New Publications and Resources

 The Biofuel Cities Resources Database has over 450 different kinds of resources available on-line through an easy to use system. Publications on the results of studies, projects and conferences; on-line information (e.g. websites), press releases, fact sheets and presentations are some of the many resources available on the application of liquid and gaseous biofuels.

Some of the new resources that arrived at the editor's desk this month are reports, newsletters and case studies, including:

  • Conference proceedings on "Biofuels industry and policy in Ireland"
  • Research report on 'The water footprint of biofuels: a drink of drive issue?', published by researchers from University of Rice, U.S (2009)
  • A publication on 'Biofuels - at what cost? Government support for ethanol and biodiesel in Canada', published by International Institute for Sustainable Developments Geneva-based Global Subsidies Initiative (2009)
  • Press release on 'EU to launch European Algae Biomass Association', published by the EU to launch European Algae Biomass Association

All resources can be accessed through the Biofuel Cities Resource Database. Access to the Resources Database is for Biofuel Cities European Partnership participants only.

3. Event Highlights

 To keep up to date, plan your attendance and contribute to the biofuels debate, visit the Biofuel Cities Events Calendar and connect to your audience

Organising an event related to biofuels? Send us the details (

Highlights of some upcoming events:

17th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition
29 June - 3 July 2009, Hamburg, Germany

Over 1,500 participants from more than 70 countries are expected to attend and learn about the latest breakthroughs in the field of biomass with the theme of "From research to industry and markets". The exhibition, taking place alongside the conference, will feature the foremost companies and state-of-the-art products in the biomass industry.



Biofuels Markets & Jatropha Asia
27-29 May 2009, Sevilla, Spain

The 4th annual Biofuels Markets & Jatropha in Jakarta will bring together over 40 leading biofuels and jatropha leaders, who will provide expert insight into the latest developments in ethanol, biodiesel, jatropha and next generation feedstocks.



Bioenergy 2009 - Sustainable Bioenergy Business
31 August - 4 September 2009, Jyväskylä, Finland

The 4th international conference will focus on the factors affecting the future of the bioenergy, biopower, biofuels in transport and biobased modern technologies and products, including logistic systems, management, total procurement chains, the effects of the energy market and other trends affecting forestry, agriculture, industry and climate.



All these events as well as many other events on biofuels can be accessed through the Biofuel Cities Events database at

Would you like your event promoted through the Biofuel Cities Events database? Send details on the event to

4. Editiorial and Legal Information

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