June news

25.06.07 Website criteria for developing sustainable biofuels

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels organised by the Swiss Energy Centre has set up a website for the development of criteria for sustainable biofuels. The organisors want to ensure that criteria are developed that fit in (where possible) with existing systems. They also wish to include a greenhouse gas balance criterion, although many existing systems do not yet include such a criterion. The committee of this Round Table is headed by chairman Claude Martin, former director of WWF International. The Dutch Ministry of VROM (Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment) is also represented on the committee.

(Source: GAVE-mail 2007 Nr. 21)

25.06.07  EU Biodiesel consumption rises to over 3.8 million tons

Biodiesel consumption in the EU has risen from 2.24 million tons in 2005, to 3.84 million tons in 2006. This was confirmed in recent figures from EurObservER, as published in the Biofuels Barometer [PDF 1,68MB]. Germany uses the most biodiesel, with 2.41 million tons in 2006. France comes in second, with 532,000 tons.

(Source: GAVE-mail 2007 Nr. 21)